Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Some Stuart Highway highlights

The highest point on the Stuart Highway
Marker to indicate the Tropic of Capricorn
Stuart climbed the hill behind this monument and named it Mount Sturt and using a model of Australia hung below a plumb bob calculated that he was in the most central point of Australia. It has since been named Central Mount Stuart and the actual 'centre of Australia' depends on what parameters you use to calculate it. Stuart wasn't far wrong by any definition.
Arulte Atwatye (Native Gap), the final resting place of a carpet snake that also visited Glen Helen 140 kms away. It's a very important place in Aboriginal lore. The natural water well that used to be here was destroyed by explosives when an Overland Telegraph construction party thought they would have a go at enlarging it.
Barrow Creek telegraph repeater station, built in 1872, one of many on the Stuart Highway.
Japanese tourists at Wycliffe Well, the UFO capital of Australia.

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