Monday, 21 July 2014

Hayes Creek

No, it's not the Stuart Highway. This is one of the old World War 2 airstrips between Katherine and Darwin. The surface was in great condition and as we were the only vehicle there we were tempted to drive along it as fast as we could (with a van in tow) but Mr Boobook is more sensible than me so we refrained.

The same very law-abiding driver had no trouble parking in this spot at Daly Waters.

We found a great spot to camp further up the highway, at Hayes Creek, under trees near a creek that is still running. There is a delightful walking track along the creek, with a rocky hillside as a backdrop. A sign informed us that the hillside was home to a species of Rock Wallaby, a Rock Rat and a Rock Ringtail Possum. All are nocturnal so we didn't see them.

Swimming hole, Hayes Creek

Hayes Creek
It was a very peaceful evening and night ... but about seven in the morning the whole camp was abruptly wakened by a noisy helicopter taking off from the paddock next door. It had everyone talking because it had some large geo survey equipment dangling below, and we were all intrigued an hour later to see the same helicopter maneuvering to land the equipment on the ground before itself landing beside it. And we're intrigued about what they could have been surveying for.

7.00 am
8.00 am

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