Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Litchfield NP: Part 2

Drive 10 km down a certain bush track in Litchfield NP and you come the Lost City. It's an awesome place, as in it fills you with awe. The area had been burnt not long before we visited so there was no grass around the rocks and the ash-covered soil matched the rocks. There is a path that weaves its way in a circle between the formations and each step you take opens up new vistas that take your breath away. We were there in mid-afternoon so the colours were subdued in the bright sunlight  - it would be a great to see it at sunrise or sunset.

The sandstone in these rock towers once covered the whole of the Litchfield plateau. In other places it has eroded and washed away but in this spot the stone has been more resistant. The angular shapes are the result of water eroding the natural cracks in the rocks. We saw sandstone, siltstone and conglomerates of river stones in the layers. And I imagine tree roots like the one below could open up cracks in the rock as well.

Swift streams in the Litchfield tabletop have created a landscape of narrow deep gorges and rugged cliff tops, waterfalls, deep pools and fallen rocks and boulders at the bottom of escarpments.

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