Sunday, 6 July 2014

Leigh Creek to Marree

Wedge-tailed Eagle
There's so much to see in the outback. Just up the road from Leigh Creek is Copley and then there are views of the coal mine from the highway (they've closed the mine lookout). At every stop I usually wander around to check out plants and birds.

Variable Daisy
Australian Painted Lady butterfly on Ptilotus obovatus
Old mine managers's hut, Copley. Coal mine in the background.
Meadow Argus butterfly on Sugarwood, Farina
A few months ago I saw a documentary on 'Landline' about a Friends of Farina group that has working parties here to care for some of the old buildings on the old Ghan town site. I subscribed to their newsletter with the idea of visiting one day, and here we were. Unfortunately the friends were absent but we could see some of the results of their work. They usually get the underground bakehouse up and running for a couple of months as well - we're sorry to have missed that. We had lunch in the beautiful campground not far from the old town serenaded by a Rufous Songthrush and I chased butterflies.
Police station, Farina
Farina Cricket Ground
At Lyndhurst we drove past the start of the Strezlecki Track (another time maybe, but not with a caravan in tow) and then left the bitumen behind as we headed further north to Marree.
Maree railway station
Maree Pub dressed up for a film, 'The Long Goodbye', pretending to be the Birdsville Pub for one day.


macmsue said...

Your photos are great. Did you see "Talc Alf" at Lyndhurst?

Lorraine Phelan said...

No, we gave him a miss. He must be a character.