Thursday, 10 July 2014

Kings Canyon

The famous rim walk at Kings Canyon is about 6 km long - which sounds easy - but in fact you have to go up to the rim first. They call that first climb Heartbreak Hill and I was determined to make it to the top so I could do the walk. And it was well worth the effort.

Phil offered to carry my camera up Heartbreak Hill
so now there is a record of me struggling up and up.
I loved everything about the three-hour walk - the geology, the plants, the views to the far horizon, the fellow tourists, the information signs, the excellent paths and boardwalks, the geocache, the emergency phones, the weather and the colours. The layers in the rocks and the different formations were fascinating.

Ancient ripples in the sand.

The ability of various plants to survive in such a harsh environment is astonishing. They seem to grow out of the rocks in the smallest of crevices and look very healthy. We saw spinifex, wattle, grevillea, thryptomene, daisies, eucalyptus and callitris. The mammals and reptiles that also live in this environment were sensibly staying out of sight.

Holly Grevillea
Holly Grevillea
Surprisingly there is a spring on the top of the range so there is water in several places. The boardwalks and steps in this particular area were excellent. You can see one descending the cliff in the second photo below. In this spot we were serenaded by  grey Shrike-thrush calling beautifully.

Garden of Eden spring

We also saw lots of tourists in tour groups and family groups. Most were doing the 'right thing' by keeping to the designated pathways but some ignored signs about staying away from the cliff edges.

Tourists, and the car park far below.
Photo opportunity so sit with your legs dangling over the cliff!! 

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Summer Simmer said...

mum I'm proud of you! Keep up the walking!! that water pool at the top is amazing, and the grevillea growing out of pure rock xx