Sunday, 6 July 2014

Oodnadatta Track: Part 3

There are two towns along Oodnadatta Track, Oodnadatta and William Creek. William Creek is just about a pub and nothing else, Oodnadatta is a small town that claims to be the hottest in Australia. We were served by backpackers in both places. We were able to buy diesel, food and have a flat tyre repaired. We saw quite a few vehicles pulling trailor-tents and the like but only two other caravans.

William Creek Hotel
William Creek 
The famous Pink Roadhouse, Oodnadatta
The owner is clearing the dust with a leafbuster!!

Oodnadatta main street aka Oodnadatta Track
There was one other vehicle on the track. For many miles we'd been following bicycle tracks and we caught up with him just before we turned on to the Stuart Highway at Marla. His was the only vehicle we saw on the final 140 kms of the track.

And lastly, some more pretty pictures of things I spotted along the track. Sorry the last few blog posts came all at once but we were completely out of phone or internet coverage for four days, from Leigh Creek to Marla. Tonight we're staying at Erldunda on the Stuart Highway and will head towards Uluru tomorrow.


Gouldiae said...

Ooooh Boobook, how nice is all that? And, you don't seem to have our, (Vic), weather with you? What is that plant in the last pic?

Lorraine Phelan said...

It's a Ptilotus. Beautiful against the colour of the sand. We've seen four types of P now so I'll probably post some more pretty pictures.