Thursday, 17 July 2014


Nitmiluk (Katherine Gorge) was on the 'bucket list' for our trip up the Stuart so today we booked ourselves in on one of the boat trips. We saw the first two gorges of this 14-kilometre length of the Katherine River. The sandstone gorges are beautiful, of course. Being the dry season the water levels are quite low. It must be an amazing sight to see the huge volumes of water moving through in the wet season.

So here's a pictorial record of our boat trip.

Our guide talked about crocodile control. We saw one of the resident Freshwater Crocodiles, they are not a problem, but the rangers actively monitor the river for the presence of Saltwater Crocodiles and trap and remove them to farms in Darwin.

Freshwater Crocodile
Protected sandy beaches used by Freshwater Crocodiles for nesting.
Saltwater Crocodiles leave bite marks on the red buoys so they're an indication of their presence.
Crocodile trap
And at Nitmiluk I finally got to see the Little Red Flying Fox. They were in large numbers and quite noisy so it must be annoying for the people who camp out at the gorge.

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